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  • noun material which conducts electricity due to the fact that it has many free electrons.


  • Any substance that can serve as a medium for transmitting light, heat, or sound.
  • In electricity, a wire or cable that can carry an electric current.
  • A pipe that leads rainwaterto a drain.


  • A medium suitable for the conduction of electrical, acoustic, heat, or other form of energy.
  • A medium which allows electric current to flow easily. Such a medium may be a metal wire, a dissolved electrolyte, or an ionized gas, among others. Among the elements, silver, copper, and gold are the best electric conductors. Also known as electric conductor.


  • noun a substance or object which allows heat, electricity, light or sound to pass along it or through it
  • noun a tube with a groove in it along which a knife is slid to cut open a sinus


  • noun somebody who takes money and gives out tickets on a bus or tram
  • noun somebody in charge of a train