General English


  • noun the point at which things are joined
  • noun a link or feature that makes things interdependent
  • noun the process of catching a second aircraft to arrive at a final destination

Cars & Driving

  • noun the joining of two parts, especially parts conducting electricity


  • The act of joining together, or connecting.
  • The manner in which components are joined together. For instance, a cascade connection.
  • The point at which components are joined together.
  • The state of being joined together.


  • noun something which joins one person or thing to another


  • noun a drug supplier, a dealer or pusher. Originally from the language of American drug users of the late 1950s and 1960s, the term has become part of the international jargon of illicit drug users. It particularly refers to a source of heroin. (‘Connection’ was used ambiguously as the title and in the lyrics of a 1967 song by the rolling Stones.).


  • noun a plane or train that passengers will be on time to catch and that will take them to their next destination
  • noun something that joins two things together or associates one thing with another