• noun the grouping together of goods for shipping
  • noun the act of taking profits from speculative investments and investing them safely in blue chip companies


  • noun a process by which something is made more solid or strong



  • An insignificant price fluctuation in a narrow range that gives no indication of current trends. Typically, consolidation occurs after a large price movement when traders want to lock in profits.  The price stalls for a period of time until more information gives better guidance concerning intrinsic value.  This will often occur just above support or just below resistance on a Forex price chart.


  • noun the act of bringing together various Acts of parliament which deal with one subject into one single Act
  • noun a procedure whereby several sets of proceedings are heard together by the court


  • noun a stage in mending a broken bone in which the callus formed at the break changes into bone
  • noun a condition in which part of the lung becomes solid, e.g. in pneumonia


  • noun the increasing of the strength, stability or depth of a person’s or group’s success or position


  • noun the grouping together of ticket bookings from different travel agencies
  • noun the grouping together of items from different suppliers into one large shipment