content provider


General Science

  • noun a company that supplies information such as text, news stories, images, video or software for a publication or for use on a website


  • noun a company that supplies information, e.g. text, news stories, images, video, software, for a publication in a website or other medium


  • An entity that provides information content for the Internet, or for software-based products, such as CD-ROMs. Such information may be any combination of text, audio, video, and so on. Examples include those who provide Web page or online encyclopedia content.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a website containing mainly news or information rather than commercial facilities such as shopping or banking, or a business supplying the information for such a website

Media Studies

  • noun a media company that produces material for broadcast on a particular network, e.g. cable or satellite distribution
  • noun any organisation or individual which provides content to be broadcast or published elsewhere, such as contributors to a website