General English


  • noun additional information about a product that is considered to be helpful to customers and is shown on a website. For example, reviews by other customers displayed on the site for a particular book.


  • noun the other things, e.g. words, passages of text, circumstances, or functions, that surround a particular thing and help to explain it or help it to operate
  • noun a particular way of organising data that is used when transferring it into and out of a business management system

Information & Library Science

  • noun a background situation to an event which helps it to be understood


  • noun other words which surround a word or phrase
  • noun the general situation in which something happens

Media Studies

  • noun the words, phrases, or passages that come before and after a particular word or passage in a speech or piece of writing and help to explain its full meaning
  • noun the circumstances or events that form the environment within which something exists or takes place