General English

General Science

  • noun the situation of not stopping or being interrupted



Health Economics

  • (written as Continuity)
    In general, the idea is of a kind of smoothness in a function - no sudden discontinuities. More specifically in economics, continuity is one of the standard axioms of utility theory. It requires that there is an indifference curve such that all points to its north-east are preferred to all points to its south-west.


  • noun the act of maintaining a continuous stable level of advertising activity

Media Studies

  • noun a comprehensive script that details each shot or scene of a film or broadcast, including such items as cast movements, props and camera positions and costume features
  • noun the announcements that link television or radio programmes
  • noun the maintenance of smoothness in the narrative flow in a film or broadcast
  • noun the job of making sure that the costumes, lighting, make up etc. used in consecutive scenes are the same even if the scenes are not shot continuously
  • noun commentary by a television or radio broadcaster that fills the time between the end of one programme or programme segment and the beginning of the next
  • noun the process of making sure that details of time, place, costume etc. are kept consistent from one part of a film or broadcast to another