• noun a person who controls something, especially the finances of a company


  • noun a device which ensures that something operates in the correct way
  • noun a person who manages systems to ensure the smooth operation of procedures


  • noun a hardware or software device that controls a peripheral such as a printer, or that monitors and directs the data transmission over a local area network


  • An electrical, electronic, pneumatic, or mechanical device designed to regulate an operation or function.


  • A circuit board or device which controls the way peripheral devices access the computer, and vice versa. It is usually contained on a single chip. Examples include disk controllers, graphics controllers, and video controllers. Also called peripheral controller, or host adapter.
  • A signal, circuit, device, or system which controls any given mechanism, function, process, or piece of equipment. An example is an infrared remote control for electronic equipment.
  • A circuit, mechanism, device, or system, which monitors one or more variables, and automatically makes the necessary adjustments in order to maintain operation within the specified parameters. Also known as automatic controller.
  • The computer and programs which control a robot. Also called controller system, or robot controller.


  • noun someone who controls


  • noun somebody who controls something, especially the finances of a company