General Science

  • noun the movement towards or the act of coming together or meeting at a point
  • noun the combination of two or more technologies to produce a new technology
  • noun a phenomenon that occurs whenever there is a net inflow of air into a region of the atmosphere, resulting in the accumulation of air and an increase in density.
  • noun the process that occurs in an ocean when warm surface water meets cold polar surface water and starts to cool and sink


  • noun the fact of coming together at a particular point


  • noun a situation where the economic factors applying in two countries move closer together, e.g. when basic interest rates, or budget deficits become more and more similar
  • noun a situation where the price of a commodity on the futures market moves towards the spot price as settlement date approaches


  • noun the combination of two or more different technologies producing a new technology. For example fax machines are the product of the convergence of telephone, scanning, and printing technologies.
  • noun the accuracy with which the picture beam strikes the three colour dots that form each colour pixel


  • noun the theory that the economic factors, especially productivity, applying in a group of countries should move closer together. It also was applied in the Maastricht Treaty to economic factors within the European Union, especially regarding interest rates, government deficits, exchange rates and inflation.


  • To tend towards an intersecting point. For example, where technologies such as computers and communications meet.
  • In a multibeam electron tube, such as a TV picture tube with a three-color gun, the intersection of all the electron beams at given point.


  • A leading trend indicator for potential change on a price chart. Convergence occurs when moving averages over different time spans begin to sync together instead of running somewhat parallel. When this happens, it is an early indicator of a change in investor sentiment. A consolidation period or a clear reversal of trend may begin, depending on the other signals. The MACD is a popular indicator used for convergence/divergence analysis in the Forex market to identify strong pricing trends.

Health Economics

  • (written as Convergence)
    The tendency for different systems of health care, or even whole economies, to become more similar in the challenges they confront and in the ways they solve resource allocation problems.

Media Studies

  • noun the ability of a single device to receive two or more different media inputs, such as a television which has interactive digital access and can also receive radio channels


  • noun the turning inwards of both eyes in order to look at something nearer than the previous object viewed