conversion rate


Cars & Driving

  • noun the rate at which a given catalytic converter purifies the exhaust gas stream, governed by various parameters such as operating conditions and converter design


  • noun the proportion of innings in which a batsman, having reached a score of fifty, goes on to make a century
    Citation ‘For all his recent travails, Vaughan’s conversion rate is unimpeachable: this was his fifteenth hundred for the twenty-seven occasions he has passed fifty’ (Haigh 2005, p103)


  • In analog to digital conversions, the frequency with which samples of a variable are taken. For instance, that used in the conversion of analog music into digital form. Usually expressed as samples or cycles per unit time, as in a 192 kHz sampling rate. Sampling must be made at or above the Nyquist rate to prevent aliasing, and for any given sample size, the higher the sampling rate the more accurate the conversion. Also called sampling rate.


  • The amount of foreign currency that can be obtained by exchanging it with a domestic one. The rate typically changes daily and can change on an hourly or even minute-to-minute basis in active markets. Investors take advantage of the differences in conversion rates from one day to the next. These variations form the basis of Forex trading. Also called exchange rate.


  • noun the proportion of contacts, by mailing, advertising, or email marketing, who actually end up purchasing the product or service

Media Studies

  • noun the proportion of people contacted, by mailing, advertising or e-mail marketing, who actually end up purchasing a particular product or service