General English


  • noun the action of changing convertible loan stock into ordinary shares


  • noun a change to a different system or set of rules

Cars & Driving

  • noun the altered state of a particular system, or set of parts needed to achieve it


  • The change in use of a building, as from a warehouse to residential units, that may require changes in the mechanical, electrical, and structural systems.
  • The sawing or milling of lumber into smaller units.


  • The process of changing something from one use, form, state, or function, to another. For instance, the changing of electrical energy into sound energy.
  • The process of changing DC into AC, or AC into DC.
  • The process of changing the frequency of a signal.
  • The process of changing computer input, data, files, media, programs, hardware, or systems, from one form to another. For example, the conversion of a file from one format to another.


  • The process by which one currency is exchanged for another. It is based on a foreign exchange rate that mirrors the relative value given to respective currencies. The base currency is multiplied by a conversion factor (which fluctuates with the market) to find out how much of the counter currency can be obtained through the exchange.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a change from one computer system to another


  • noun the tort of dealing with a person’s property in a way which is not consistent with that person’s rights over it


  • noun the action of converting a prospective customer into an actual purchaser

Real Estate

  • noun a property that has been converted for a new use


  • noun a kicking of the ball over the crossbar following a try, or the score made with a successful kick


  • noun the act of changing something into something else