General English

  • noun a person who has changed his ideas or religion
  • verb to change something into something else
  • verb to turn or to make someone turn from one set of ideas or religion to another


  • verb to change money of one country for money of another


  • verb to change something to a different system, set of rules or state


  • To change something from one use, form, state, or function to another. For instance, to change electrical energy into sound energy. For instance, to change electrical energy into sound energy
  • To change DC into AC, or AC into DC.
  • To change the frequency of a signal.
  • To change computer input, data, files, media, programs, hardware, or systems, from one form to another. For example, to convert a file from one format to another.


  • verb to change property into another form such as cash


  • verb to add to the points awarded for a try by following it with a successful kick of the ball over the crossbar
  • verb to take advantage of an opportunity offered by an opponent, such as by winning a break point in tennis