General English

General Science

  • noun a tiny file stored on a computer when connected to a remote Internet site using a browser


  • noun a tiny file that is stored on your computer when you connect to a remote Internet site using a browser. The cookie is used by the remote site to store information about your options which can then be read when you next visit the site.


  • A block of data prepared by a Web server which is sent to a Web browser for storage, and which remains ready to be sent back when needed. A user initially provides key information, such as that required for an online purchase, and this is stored in a cookie file. When a user returns to the Web site of this online retailer, the cookie is sent back to the server, enabling the display of Web pages that are customized to include information such as the mailing address, viewing preferences, or the content of a recent order. Also called browser cookie, Web cookie, or Internet cookie.


  • A glazed bread roll made from enriched yeast dough containing dried vine fruits

Information & Library Science

  • noun a computer file containing information about a user that is sent to the central computer with each request.


  • noun a small hard sweet biscuit, made of flour, water, sugar and other flavourings