• verb to catch or arrest someone
  • verb to get or to receive something


  • noun a police officer. A shortening of copper. In Britain, until the 1960s cop was felt to be an Americanism and only in the late 1980s did it find its way into print, albeit in the gutter press.
  • verb to buy illicit drugs, to score. A specialisation of the general use of ‘cop’ to mean obtain.


  • acronym forcertificate of participation
    (written as COP)
  • acronym forcoefficient of performance
    (written as COP)
  • acronym forcertificate of participation lease
    (written as COP)

General Science

  • acronym forConference of the Parties
    (written as COP)
  • noun the group of nations which have ratified the Framework Convention on Climate Change.


  • In a heat pump, the ratio of heat produced to energy expended.
  • In a refrigeration system, the ratio of heat removed to energy expended.