General English


  • noun a trained fruit tree, whose growth is restricted to the main stem by pruning.


  • noun a ring of close fielders in an arc around the batsman, especially the slips
    Citation ‘Lloyd … trained and moulded his players into the most awesome fielding side in history. Strict daily practice regimes honed a slips cordon that seldom put down a chance and often made a catch out of the seemingly impossible’ (Manley 1988)
    Citation ‘After an edge from Strauss off Lee bisected Warne and Ponting at first and second slip … there was what seemed to be a pregnant silence in the Australian cordon’ (Haigh 2005)


  • masculine A line of sauce or gravy poured around an item of food on a dish


  • noun a line of men or series of outposts designed to control, monitor or prevent movement into or out of an area
  • verb to place a cordon around an area


  • a permanent, usually horizontal, branch of a vine from which the fruiting shoots grow