General English

General Science

  • noun the adjustment or changing of something to make it correct


  • noun an adjustment or change made to something to make it correct
  • noun the use of a mathematical formula for adjusting a known inaccuracy of calculation
  • noun an alteration on, e.g. a test answer, which provides the right answer in place of the wrong answer given


  • noun an act of making something correct
  • noun a change in the valuation of something that is thought to be overvalued or undervalued which results in its being more realistically valued


  • An amount that is factored into a calculation or measurement in order to obtain a more accurate result, or the true value. May be used, for example, to compensate for the readings of an instrument.


  • A partial retracement of a market trend, often with no readily apparent reason. Typically, this happens in a bull market when buyers become exhausted. Prices tend to fall back to a known support level where they will usually consolidate before a resumption of the bullish trend. Forex traders need to identify this event when it happens with a currency pair (such as the Japanese yen and the U.S. dollar) and respond accordingly.


  • noun a calculation made by a forward observer and sent to an artillery or mortar unit in order to bring fire onto a target
  • noun the process of directing artillery or mortar fire onto a target


  • noun a change which makes something correct