General English


  • A long, interior passageway, usually with doors opening to rooms, apartments, or offices and leading to an exit.


  • noun the narrow ‘channel’ between a batsman’s off stump and about one foot (0.3m) outside it. A fast ball bowled ‘down the corridor’ creates uncertainty in the batsman’s mind: if he plays the ball, he is in danger of edging a catch to slip, but if he leaves it he is at risk of being bowled, or being out lbw (since the batsman can be out even if he is hit outside off stump, provided he is not playing a shot).
    Citation ‘This is the key to his princely cricket, because almost the entire cricket world has grown up thinking the only way you can contain a batsman is to bowl down the corridor of uncertainty’ (R Mohan, Sportstar [Chennai] 30 April 1994)
    Citation ‘When the bowler bowled into the corridor of uncertainty on and outside the off-stump, the classic late cut came into play’ (Purandare 2005)


  • noun a strip of territory or airspace along which one can move

Real Estate

  • noun a passage between parts of a building, often with a series of rooms opening onto it