General English

General Science

  • adjective a program or data that contain errors


  • adjective (person, especially an official) who takes bribes; referring to the taking of bribes
  • adjective (data on a computer disk) which is faulty and therefore cannot be used
  • verb to make data unusable


  • adjective containing errors


  • adjective willing to take bribes


  • verb to bribe someone to make them act dishonestly

Origin & History of “corrupt”

The Latin verb rumpere meant ‘break’ (it is etymologically related to English bereave and rob). It (or rather its past participial stem rup-) was the source of English rupture (15th c.), and it entered into partnership with the intensive prefix com- to produce corrumpere ‘destroy completely’. this was the ancestor (either directly or via Old French) of English corrupt, both adjective and verb.