General English

General Science


  • prefix
    (written as counter-)
  • verb to act against something so as to remove or reduce its effect


  • noun a register or variable whose contents are increased or decreased by a set amount every time an action occurs
  • noun a device that automatically counts things


  • A person or device that keeps a tally of the occurrences of some event, such as the number of loads of fill.
  • A long, flat surface over which sales are transacted at a store or business.
  • A flat work surface in a kitchen.


  • A circuit, device, register, mechanism, or system used for counting. For example, a counter may store and/or indicate a given total, such as a number of pulses, Web site hits, changes in state, and so on.
  • A circuit which generates an output after counting a specified number of pulses. Also called counter circuit, or counting circuit.
  • An instrument which registers and counts ionizing radiation, such as alpha rays, given off by radioactive entities. For example, a Geiger counter or a scintillation counter. Also called radiation counter, ionization counter, or particle counter (1).
  • In computer programming, a variable that keeps track of a running count.
  • synonymcounting circuit


  • noun a long flat surface in a shop for displaying and selling goods

Media Studies

  • noun the hollow part of a piece of type that is not filled with ink, e.g. the inside of the letter ‘D’


  • verb to take action in order to prevent or impede another action taking place


  • noun the space inside the curved part of a letter (the bowl), as in a ‘b’ or ‘p’
  • noun a device attached to a machine which counts the number of sheets used, books produced. etc.


  • verb to defend oneself against a punch or kick from an opponent, and deliver a punch or kick in return


  • noun a similar long flat surface in a bar