General English



  • noun two of something


  • noun two things or people taken together


  • Two equal, opposite, and parallel forces that tend to produce rotation. The movement equals the product of one force times the perpendicular distance between the two.


  • To join, link, or allow the transfer of energy. For instance, to join circuits.
  • That which has been joined, linked, or connected in a manner which allows the transfer of energy. For example, coupled circuits.
  • To place two dissimilar metals in contact with each other.
  • Two dissimilar metals which have been placed in contact with each other. For instance, a thermocouple.

Origin & History of “couple”

The notion underlying couple is of ‘joining’. The noun came into English via Old French from Latin cōpula ‘tie, connection’. this was a compound noun formed from the prefix com- ‘together’ and the verb apere ‘fasten’ (source of English apt, adapt, adept, and inept). Derived from it was the verb cōpulāre, source of English copulate (17th c.).