• noun the amount of space or time given to a subject, an event, etc.
  • noun the area within which a radar unit can detect objects


  • The nominal square feet of area that a can of stain or paint can be expected to cover.
  • The amount of surface that may be covered by a unit, such as a bundle, square, or ton of building material.
  • An insurance policy, or the dollar protection that policy provides. The amount of protection depends on many factors, including the type of insurance, amount of insurance purchased, policy limits, and exclusions.
  • Dependable estimates or firm bids for portions of a construction project.


  • The geographical area within which a given transmitter provides effective service. For instance, the zone served by a cellular telephone system, the region within which reception of TV or radio broadcasts is adequate, or the zone a radar can effectively scan. Also called coverage area, or service area.
  • The service provided within a coverage area.


  • noun the proportion of a target market that is reached by an advertisement

Media Studies

  • noun the attention that the media give to an event or topic
  • noun the percentage of the public who are reached by a newspaper or radio or television station