• The portion of a computer which has the necessary circuits to interpret and execute instructions, and to control all other parts of the computer. The CPU consists of the control unit and the arithmetic-logic unit, both usually contained on a single chip, in which case it is also called microprocessor. Also called chip (4), processor (1), or central processor (1).
  • That contained in a CPU (1), plus memory, buffers, and related components. Also called processor (2), or central processor (2).
  • The enclosure which houses all the components a computer utilizes, with the exception of the external peripherals, such as monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, and so on. Also called system unit.
  • acronym forcentral-processing unit
  • acronym forcentral processor
  • acronym formain processor
  • synonymchip
  • In a computer with two or more CPUs, the main CPU. It is this CPU that controls all others.