General English


  • A person who breaks into a computer system by circumventing or otherwise defeating the protective measures of said system. Such a person may seek to use resources without paying, to do harm such as destroying files or stealing credit card numbers, or simply to break in and then leave.


  • The general name given to any type of plain or salted hard biscuit


  • adjective excellent. A vogue adjectival version of the colloquial noun usage (denoting something or someone outstanding, admirable) which dates back to the late 19th century.
  • noun a white person. In black street argot the term, from the colour of savoury biscuits, is almost invariably pejorative and often refers to an unsophisticated or bigoted white person.
  • noun a computer programmer who breaches systems for fun or profit, in the patois of cyberpunks and net-heads.


  • noun a dry unsweetened biscuit