General English

  • noun a baby’s bed which can be rocked
  • noun a support for a piece of machinery
  • noun a place where something started
  • verb to hold something gently in your arms or hands


  • A scaffold that is suspended outside the roof or top of a structure.
  • A U-shaped support for pipe or conduit.


  • noun an apparatus used for catching practice, consisting of a concave, roughly boat-shaped frame fitted with wooden slats; balls are thrown at the cradle with a low trajectory, especially in order to provide practice in slip-catching


  • A base unit that a PDA plugs into, so that the user can recharge the batteries and/or communicate with another computer.
  • A base unit that a cordless telephone or similar device plugs into for recharging.


  • noun a metal frame put over a person in bed to keep the weight of the bedclothes off the body
  • verb to carry a child with one arm under the thigh and the other under the upper back


  • noun a frame placed beneath bedclothes covering a patient to keep him or her from touching a sensitive part of the body, e.g. after an injury or operation


  • noun a type of basket with handles for holding a bottle of vintage red wine, so that the wine can be served without holding the bottle upright and the sediment is not disturbed


  • a device used to hold a bottle of wine horizontal while it is being decanted