• plural noun a list of all liabilities in a set of accounts, including overdrafts, amounts owing to other companies in the group, trade creditors, payments received on account for goods not yet supplied, etc.


  • (written as Creditors)
    A short tragicomedy by August Strindberg, given asingle performance at his Scandinavian Experimental Theatre, Copenhagenin 1889. Four years later Lugné Poë, founder of the ThéâtreNouveau in Paris, revived the play with himself in the leading role.

    Strindberg described the play - an original variationon the theme of the eternal triangle - as "humane, good-humoured,with all three characters sympathetic". Others have found itcynical and bitter. Like Miss Julie, written in the sameyear, it deals with the psychological battle between the sexes andreflects the collapse of Strindberg's marriage to the actress Sirivon Essen. In particular, it reflects his dread of ridicule for failingas a husband. He wanted Siri to play the role of the destructive wife,Tekla, but this was not to be.

    The play's dialogue is frequently sardonic, as in this exchangebetween Tekla and her husband:

    TEKLA My sweet idiot, don't talk such nonsense!
    ADOLF You know it's risky to go round thinkingeveryone's an idiot but yourself.
    TEKLA Well, everyone does.