General English

  • verb to move slowly


  • noun a small entrance through which young animals can pass


Cars & Driving


  • The slow but continual permanent deformation of a material under sustained stress.
  • The very slow movement of rock or soil underpressure.
  • Gradual deformation of a roofing membrane due to thermal stress.


  • A slow change in a property or value. For example, the deformation of a material under stress or through the passage of time.


  • noun movement of a cylinder blanket on the cylinder
  • noun a situation in which folded pages nested inside other folded pages, as in a booklet, are forced outwards by the bulk of the paper so that they extend beyond the edges of the outer pages


  • verb to attempt to seduce, make unwelcome sexual advances (towards)
  • verb to cheat on a man

Origin & History of “creep”

Creep is an ancient verb, which has been traced back to Indo–European *greub-. this was the source also of Dutch kriupen and Swedish krypa ‘creep’, and of Lithuanian grubineti ‘stumble’, and links have been suggested with English cripple. The related Indo-European *greug- produced German kriechen ‘creep’.