cross bat



  • adjective
    (written as cross-bat)
    (of a stroke) played with a cross bat
    Citation ‘Bowlers do not always bowl a length, and from balls of bad length runs are often most effectively … made by cross bat strokes’ (MCC 1952)
  • noun a bat held in a slanting or horizontal position so that, in the execution of a stroke, it moves across the line of flight of the ball rather than straight down it
    Citation ‘Some of the most effective scoring strokes are those played with a relatively “cross”, i.e. horizontal, bat’ (MCC 1952)
    Citation ‘Lara stepped across his crease with the anticipation of the supremely gifted sportsman, and tapped it with a cross bat to fine leg’ (Peter Roebuck, Cricinfo Magazine January 2006)
    Compare straight bat