General English

General Science

  • noun a typical representative range
  • noun a measure of the effective area or size of an atom or nucleus that represents a target for interaction with another particle or radiation prior to fission or ionisation


Cars & Driving

  • noun
    (written as cross section)
    a view of an object when cut transversely at right angles across its centre


  • (written as cross section)
    A diagram or illustration showing the internal construction of a part or assembly if the front portion were removed.


  • (written as cross section)
    A section formed by cutting an object through an axis, usually at a right angle to said axis. For instance, such a section in a wire or a waveguide.
  • (written as cross section)
    A graphical representation of a cross section (1).

Information & Library Science

  • noun a representative sample of a group of people or things


  • noun a small part of something, taken to be representative of the whole
  • noun a sample cut across a specimen for examination under a microscope