General English


  • noun a change from one system to another


  • In an auditorium, a walkway that is parallel to the stage and connects with the aisles.
  • A pipe fitting used to bypass a section of pipe.
  • A connection between two piping systems.


  • In a circuit, a point at which two properly insulated conductors cross paths.
  • In a circuit diagram, a point at which the lines representing two conductors, which are not connected, cross paths.


  • The intersect of one moving average line across a moving average line of a different duration which tends to trigger a buy or sell signal.  For example, when a long-term moving average line crosses a short-term moving average line it may indicate a change in price direction.

Real Estate

  • noun markings on a pavement which indicate that a vehicle may use it for access, e.g. to a driveway