General English

General Science

  • verb to remove hidden or distant objects from a three-dimensional scene or storage space, reducing processing time


  • noun killing a certain number of living animals to keep the population under control or to remove excess animals from a herd or flock
  • noun an animal that has been separated from the herd or flock and killed, usually because it is old or of poor quality
  • verb to reduce the numbers of wild animals by killing them in a controlled way


  • Building materials, especially bricks, that are discarded because of defects.

Origin & History of “cull”

Ultimately, cull is the same word as collect. It comes via Old French cuillir from Latin colligere ‘gather together’, whose past participial stem collēct- formed the original basis of English collect. The Latin verb was a compound formed from the prefix com- ‘together’ and legere ‘gather’ (source also of English elect, neglect, select, etc).