General English


  • noun a marker on a display device which shows where the next character will appear


  • On a display, especially that of a computer screen, an indicator such as a blinking underline or a solid rectangle which indicates the location where a keystroke will appear on screen. Also called insertion point (1).
  • On a computer screen, an indicator, such as a small hand, arrow, or I-beam, that moves as the mouse is moved. It serves to select text, menus, and the area of the screen where the next text input or other action will occur, by clicking the mouse there. Also called pointer (1), mouse pointer, or mouse cursor.
  • A cursor (2) indicated by a pointing device, such as a trackball, other than a mouse.
  • The pointing device of a digitizing tablet. It is similar to a mouse, but is much more accurate, because its location is determined by touching an active surface with an absolute reference. Also called pen (1), puck, or stylus (1).

Information & Library Science

  • noun a mark on a computer screen which can be moved around and which indicates where anything that is input will appear