cut off


General English

  • phrasal verb to take away a small part of something using a sharp tool such as a knife
  • phrasal verb to stop someone from being with someone else, or from or reaching a place
  • phrasal verb to stop a phone call before it is finished
  • phrasal verb to stop electricity or water from reaching someone


  • noun
    (written as cut-off)
    a date and procedure for isolating the flow of cash and goods, stocktaking and the related documentation, to ensure that all aspects of a transaction are dealt with in the same financial period


  • (written as cut-off)
    To shut off, discontinue, separate, isolate, or block.


  • noun
    (written as cut-off)
    the time after which a spot cannot be broadcast, usually late at night

Media Studies

  • noun
    (written as cut-off)
    a stance or gesture which avoids interpersonal communication, e.g. avoiding a person’s gaze


  • verb to prevent someone from retreating or from rejoining their comrades
  • verb to surround a unit so that it can neither retreat, nor be reinforced or supported
  • verb to stop the supply of food, power, water, etc.
  • verb to prevent movement to or from a location