General English

  • noun something which marks the end of something


  • A wall or barrier placed to minimize underground water percolation or flow. A cutoff is often used at the inlet and outlet of culverts.
  • The design elevation at which the tops of driven piles are cut.


  • The action of shutting off, discontinuing, separating, isolating, or blocking. Also, such an instance.
  • For a device such as a filter, amplifier, waveguide, or transmission line, the frequency at which the attenuation increases rapidly. For example, the frequency above which the output of an electron tube is no longer useful. Also called cutoff frequency (1), critical frequency (1), or frequency cutoff (1).
  • The upper and lower frequencies at which the gain of an amplifier, such as a transistor, drops 3 decibels, or another reference amount. Also called cutoff frequency (2), or frequency cutoff (2).
  • For a given transmission mode in a waveguide, the frequency below which a traveling wave can not be maintained. That is, the waveguide functions efficiently only above this frequency. Also called cutoff frequency (3), waveguide cutoff, or frequency cutoff (3).
  • The point at which the current flowing through an active device, such as a transistor, is stopped by the control electrode.
  • synonymcritical frequency


  • noun a length of paper cut to make a sheet from a web press, equal to the plate cylinder circumference