General English

General Science

  • noun the world in which computers and people interact, normally via the Internet


  • noun the world in which computers and people interact, especially via the Internet


  • The universe of interconnected computers. It includes the entire range of information and entertainment resources available through computer networks, especially the Internet. A person browsing the World Wide Web is also navigating through cyberspace.
  • A worldwide network of interconnected autonomous networks, which is utilized for commerce, education, research, entertainment, and the obtaining of or exchange of information on virtually anything of human interest. Cyberspace currently encompasses hundreds of millions of computers and users, and spans nearly 200 countries. Among other services, users can exchange email, browse the World Wide Web, purchase and sell goods, and so on. An Internet service provider, for instance, may be used for access. Also called Internet, information highway (2), information superhighway (2), or Infobahn (2).

Media Studies

  • noun the notional space where Internet activity takes place, by analogy to a real, physical space