General English

General Science

  • noun a solid tube shape formed by joining corresponding points on two parallel circles with straight lines


Cars & Driving

  • noun a tubular chamber which accommodates a reciprocating piston, as in an engine or a hydraulic system


  • noun a group of tracks on a disk
  • noun the tracks in a multi-disk device that can be accessed without moving the read/write head


  • A uniform body with a circular section and straight sides. Such a body may be hollow, partly filled, or solid. Also, the shape described, and that which resembles this shape.
  • The set of all tracks that have the same track number on each disk surface. In a multiplatter hard drive, there would be two such tracks on each surface, with all tracks being vertically above or below each other. Since an access arm remains stationary until all the tracks in a cylinder are either read or written, access time can be reduced by storing related data in cylinders.

Media Studies

  • noun a rotating metal drum of a printing press


  • noun a long, round object, which is usually hollow

Real Estate

  • noun a closed container, usually insulated, for storing and supplying domestic hot water