General English

General Science

  • noun the harm done to something


  • noun harm that is caused to something
  • verb to cause harm to something


  • noun harm done to things


  • Any harm which impairs the operation or properties of a component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, system, material, or the like. Damage can be immediately manifested, or may become evident some time later. For example, blasting may damage speakers, or an electrostatic discharge may damage a semiconductor component.


  • noun an attractive female or females in general. A male usage recorded in 2004. Biffage is a synonym.

Origin & History of “damage”

Damage comes from Latin damnum ‘loss, damage’ (source of English damn). It passed into Old French as dam, from which was formed the derivative damage. English borrowed and has preserved the Old French form, but in modern French it has become dommage. Besides damn, another English relative is indemnity (15th c.), ultimately from Latin indemnis ‘undamaged’.