Dame (Lucy) Geneviève Teresa Ward



  • (1838 - 1922) US actress, who in 1921 became the firstactress to be created a dame of the British Empire. Born in New York,she began her career as an opera singer using the stage name MadameGinevra Guerrabella, but turned to acting when she lost her singingvoice through illness. Her career as an actress began in 1873 whenshe appeared in Manchester as Lady Macbeth, a part that she also performedin French at the Théâtre de la Porte-Saint-Martin inParis. A year later she won acclaim in the role of Portia in TheMerchant of Venice.

    Ward made her New York debut in 1878 in the tragic title roleof Jane Shore by W. G. Wills. In 1879 she produced and starredin Forget-Me-Not by Herman Merivale and F. C. Grove at theLyceum Theatre, London, a venue which she briefly managed. In 1891she joined Henry Irving at the Lyceum, appearing first as Queen Eleanorin Tennyson's Becket. She made her farewell appearance in 1920,playing Queen Margaret to Frank Benson's Richard III.