Dandy Dick



  • A farce by Arthur Wing Pinero, first performed in1887 at London's old Royal Court Theatre. The play has been revivedwith great success. The story involves a dean, the Revd Augustin Jedd,and his extravagant daughters, Salome and Sheba, all of whom requiremoney. The dean's sister, Georgiana, an ex-bookie, places the girls'savings on her horse Dandy Dick, a "certain winner". To save his church even the dean makes a bet, via his butler, Blore. However, when he is found in the stables carrying a bottle of lotion, the dean is arrested for trying to nobble Dandy Dick (Blore, having bet on another horse, has tampered with the lotion). Through the intervention of his friend,Sir Tristram Mardon, the dean avoids custody. Dandy Dick wins therace, Sir Tristram weds Georgiana, and Salome and Sheba pay off theirdebts with their winnings.