data protection


General Science

  • noun the act of making sure that data are not copied by an unauthorised user


  • noun making sure that computerised information about people is not misused
  • noun the safeguards that protect people whose personal details are held on computers or in paper-based filing systems against improper use or storage of the data that relates to them


  • The safeguarding of data against loss, damage, unwanted modification, or unauthorized access. Such safeguards may be administrative, physical, or technical. Also called data security, protection (2), or information security.
  • synonymdata security

Media Studies

  • noun technology, legislation etc. used to prevent data being used by unauthorised people and thereby protecting people‚Äôs privacy


  • noun the protection of information such as records about private people in a computer from being copied or used wrongly


  • noun protection of data against corruption or unauthorised users

Information & Library Science

  • noun the protection of electronic data so that it cannot be accessed by unauthorised people