General English



  • noun an integrated collection of files of data stored in a structured form in a large memory, which can be accessed by one or more users at different terminals


  • Part of a computer's software program that contains files and lists of related information organized for quick access. In building automation systems, the database consists of digital and analog point names; descriptions such as temperature set points; and operating information such as programs and passwords.


  • An interrelated collection of information in the form of records, fields, and files. The contents of a database are entered, processed, and accessed by a database program, and the information held may be of any kind, including text, graphics, sounds, and so on. Also spelled data base.

Information & Library Science

  • noun software which enables the user to organise data for easy retrieval
  • noun a collection of data stored in a computer which can be easily and quickly retrieved

Media Studies

  • noun an archive of data stored electronically, that can be accessed and manipulated