• noun
    (written as dead bat)
    a bat used purely defensively, either in making a forward blocking stroke with no backlift and with the bat angled towards the ground, or with the bat held loosely in a backward defensive position
    Citation ‘The more the ball is turning, the more do they rely on their back play, unless of course they are able to smother it by playing right forward with a dead bat’ (MCC 1952)
    Citation ‘Bailey continued according to plan, which meant the forward stab or the dead-bat back stroke to all except the most eminently scorable balls’ (Peebles 1959)
  • verb to hit the ball with a dead bat, or play a defensive innings using a dead bat
    Citation ‘Warne saved an Ashes match … with the bat ten years ago, playing strokes in the gloaming while Tim May dead-batted’ (Haigh 2005, p121)