General English

  • verb to give out playing cards to players

General Science

  • verb to handle or manage something



  • In the lumber industry, boards or planks usually more than 9" wide and 3" to 5" thick.


  • verb to trade or to buy and sell


  • noun a portion or amount of a drug, especially hashish. Before decimalisation in 1971, very small amounts of cannabis were bought or referred to as a ‘five-bob deal’ or ‘ten-bob deal’.
  • verb to sell (drugs). The verb is used intransitively, as in ‘does he still deal?’, and transitively, as in ‘she deals dope at the weekend’.

Origin & History of “deal”

English has two words deal. The one which now means chiefly ‘distribute’ goes back to Old English dǣl ‘part’ and its verbal derivative dǣlan ‘divide’. The noun (together with its relatives German teil, Dutch deel, and Gothic dails) goes back to a prehistoric Germanic *dailiz, a derivative of the base *dail-, which also produced English dole and ordeal. The ultimate source of this base is not known. Deal ‘(plank of) pine’ (14th c.) was borrowed from middle Dutch or Middle Low German dele.