General English


  • noun the act of deciding or of making up one’s mind


  • noun a piece of binding legislation of the European Union. A decision is binding in its entirety on those to whom it is addressed. A decision may be addressed to a member state, to an organisation or even to an individual person.


  • In computers, the determination of a choice or course of action to be taken, based on the particular circumstances and available alternatives. For instance, a computer may compare one set of data to another, to effectuate such a decision. Also called logical decision (1).


  • noun a judgment in a civil court
  • noun the process of deciding to do something


  • noun a choice made about what to do in a situation
  • noun the process of thinking clearly and quickly about what to do


  • noun a win in a boxing match that is awarded to the fighter who is given the higher total of points by the judges