General English

  • noun an act, especially a brave one



  • A legal document giving an individual rights or ownership to a property.
  • A document that forms part of a contract and which, when signed by both parties, legally commits the contractor to perform the work according to the contract documents, and commits the client to pay for the work.


  • noun a legal document which has been signed and delivered by the person making it in the presence of two witnesses

Real Estate

  • noun a signed document that outlines the terms of an agreement, especially one that details a change in ownership of property

Origin & History of “deed”

Etymologically, a deed is ‘that which is done’. An ancient word, it can be traced back as far as a hypothetical *dhētis, a noun derived from *dhē-, *dhō- ‘place, put’, the Indo-European base from which do comes. this passed into Germanic as *dǣdiz, which produced German tat, Dutch daad, and Swedish dåad as well as English deed. The word’s application to a legal document is a 14th-century development.