General English

  • noun the act of bringing something to someone



  • noun the transporting of goods to a customer

Cars & Driving

  • noun the discharging of a liquid from a pump, etc.
  • noun driving a new car from the factory to the distributor or dealer


  • Transfer or handover of a product from one party to another.


  • noun a ball delivered by the bowler
    Citation ‘Intikhab Alam … began his Test career, when a few days short of 18, by bowling Australia’s Colin McDonald with his first delivery’ (Frith 1984)
    Citation ‘Warne is a prodigious spinner of the ball … and the volume of spin imparted is such that the ball dips into the right hander late in flight before gripping the surface – that supernatural delivery to Gatting providing the perfect example’ (Vic Marks, Observer 13 June 1993)
  • noun the manner in which a bowler delivers the ball; a bowler’s action
    Citation ‘He had a high delivery … and his balls were provokingly deceitful’ (Nyren 1833 in HM)


  • noun goods being transferred from the possession of person to another
  • noun a formal act whereby a deed becomes effective


  • noun the birth of a child


  • noun the handing of a manuscript to a publisher
  • noun part of a printing machine where grippers move printed sheets from the machine and stack them