General Science


  • noun an act of asking for payment
  • noun an act of asking for something and insisting on getting it
  • verb the need that customers have for a product or their eagerness to buy it
  • verb to ask for something and expect to get it


  • noun a need or use caused by necessity
  • noun a request which is made firmly


  • The electric load integrated over a specific interval of time, usually expressed in watts or kilowatts.


  • verb the desire on the part of consumers to acquire a good or service, together with their ability to pay for it
  • verb to express a desire for something in a way that is difficult to refuse


Information & Library Science

  • noun the number of people wanting to buy something


  • noun the fact that people want goods and services or, the amount of goods or services that people want


  • noun the need for goods or services at a particular price

Origin & History of “demand”

Latin dēmandāre meant ‘entrust something to someone’. It was a compound verb formed from the intensive prefix - and mandāre ‘entrust, commit’ (source of English mandate). As it passed via Old French demander into English, its meaning developed to ‘give someone the responsibility of doing something’, and finally ‘order’.