denial-of-service attack



  • noun
    (written as denial of service attack)
    an attack by a computer hacker or computer virus in which a very large number of messages are sent to a website in a very short time in order to overload it, so that it stops operating and is unavailable to other users


  • noun an illegal action in which a great deal of data is sent to a computer system from many sources at the same in an attempt to overload the system and put it out of action


  • An assault on a network, intended to disrupt or block access to it. For instance, it may consist of an inordinate amount of false messages, which impedes legitimate messages from accessing the servers. Such an attack is not meant to extract information, rather it seeks to do its damage by overwhelming a network. Specific examples include smurf attacks, and SYN floods. Its abbreviation is DoS attack, or denial-of-service.


  • noun an illegal attempt to cause a computer system to crash by sending it data from many sources simultaneously