dependent variable


General Science


  • noun a variable or factor which changes as a result of a change in another (the ‘independent variable’)


  • noun variable which is influenced by another variable (called the independent variable). For example, the price of a product may influence the demand for it.


  • A variable whose changes are determined by another variable, called independent variable (1).

Health Economics

  • (written as Dependent Variable)
    A variable (often denoted by y) that is postulated to be determined by one or more independent variables. For example, the rate of consumption of a good (dependent variable) may be regarded as behaviourally determined by (amongst other things) its price (independent variable), or the marginal value placed on a good (dependent variable) may be regarded as being determined by (amongst other things) its rate of consumption (independent variable). The dependent variable is conventionally found on the left-hand side of a regression equation and explanatory variables are on the right. A ' limited dependent variable ' is one that is mostly continuous but that also has concentrations of observations at particular values. For example, in any period a large number of survey subjects will have made no expenditures on health care, even though expenditure is otherwise a continuous variable.