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  • noun a central warehouse or storage area for goods, or a place for keeping vehicles used for transport


  • A storehouse, warehouse, or transfer station.
  • A railroad or bus station for ticketing, sheltering, transferring, and shipping passengers and freight.


  • noun a location where equipment and supplies are stored
  • noun a military training establishment


  • noun a building where the vehicles used by a transport service are kept

Origin & History of “depot”

A depot is literally a ‘place where something is deposited’, a ‘depository’. The word comes, via French dépôt, from Latin dēpositum (source of English deposit (17th c.)), the past participle of dēpōnere ‘put down’. this was a compound verb formed from the prefix - ‘down’ and pōnere ‘put, place’ (source of English position), and also produced English depose (13th c.) and deponent (15th c.).