General English

  • verb to get an illness
  • verb to plan and produce something

General Science

  • verb to come into being, or cause something to come into being


  • verb to plan and build an area


  • To experience a sustained and substantial increase in per capita income; thus to undergo economic development.

Media Studies

  • verb to use chemical treatments to produce visible images from photographic film that has previously been exposed to light


  • verb to make something start to grow or become larger, stronger or more complex


  • verb to apply a chemical process to exposed photographic film and paper to produce an image

Real Estate

  • verb to make land available for human purposes, e.g. housing
  • verb to plan and construct buildings, roads or other technological structures


  • verb to grow and change, or to change something so that it becomes larger or more complicated

Origin & History of “develop”

The history of develop and its close relative envelop is hazy. English acquired it from développer, the modern French descendant of Old French desveloper. this was a compound verb formed from the prefix des- ‘un-’ and voloper ‘wrap’. But where did voloper come from? some have proposed a hypothetical Celtic base *vol- ‘roll’, while others have pointed to similarities, formal and semantic, with Italian viluppo ‘bundle’ and viluppare ‘wrap’, which come from an assumed late Latin *faluppa ‘husk’. beyond that, however, the trail has gone cold.