• Thick


  • noun the penis. This use of the word has been widespread in the English-speaking world since the end of the 19th century. It is probably an affectionate personification in origin in the same way as willie, etc. This sense of the word is sometimes extended to mean sex in general, as in ‘Suzy loves dick’.
  • noun a fool (invariably male). Dick has this secondary sense in common with most slang terms for the male member, such as prick, tool, etc.
  • noun nothing at all. A vulgar emphatic more commonly heard in America and in vogue since the mid-1970s. Its sense is roughly equivalent to the British bugger-all.
  • noun a detective. Almost invariably in the phrase private dick. This Americanism, popularised in crime fiction, originated in underworld jargon as a corruption of the word ‘detective’ itself.
  • verb to have sex (with), penetrate. A predictable but rare term, generated from the noun sense of dick.
  • verb to look at. A variation of the Romany dik, meaning to look, from which dekko may be derived. This rare term is occasionally heard among tramps, street traders, etc.
  • verb to mess up, mess around (with). A variant of dick around or dick up.